• We help our customers with tax-saving construction financing. Call us today. Virtually any non-revenue-generating building—such as warehouses, storage buildings, and maintenance shops—can be financed.

  • Stabilize your business with help from Kinetic Leasing. Virtually any type of equipment—from quilting machines to storage buildings to belt feeders—can be financed.

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  • “We provide our customers with equipment finance options. Call us today!” Virtually any type of equipment—from excavators to school buses to computers—can be financed.

  • “Call us today and we’ll crunch the numbers.”Virtually any type of equipment—from forklifts to school buses to computers to x-ray machines—can be financed.

  • “Call us today to work out a financing plan that moves your business forward.”Virtually any type of equipment—from cranes to aircraft simulators to MRI machines—can be financed.

  • “We offer flexible terms, such as skip payments and no cash down. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from excavators to fitness equipment to printers to CT scanners—can be financed.

  • “Leasing can lower your tax bill. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from wheel loaders to fire trucks to computers to ultrasound machines—can be financed.

  • “Leasing can help you upgrade your equipment. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from tractors to modular buildings to video equipment to heart monitors—can be financed.

  • “Leasing can help you get your project off the ground. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from trailers to irrigation systems to walk-in coolers to lab equipment—can be financed.

  • “You tell us when cash flow is lightest, and we’ll work with you. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from delivery trucks to brewing equipment to cash registers—can be financed.

  • “Leasing can lower your cost of owning equipment. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from snow blowers to ambulances to photography equipment—can be financed.

  • “We help our customers finance all types of equipment. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from drilling equipment to school buses to generators to phone systems—can be financed.

  • “Leasing equipment is a smarter way to do business. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from cultivators to dialysis machines to boom trucks—can be financed.

  • “Leasing won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Call us today.”Virtually any type of equipment—from embroidery machines to PET scanners to water pumps—can be financed.

$5,000–$5,000,000 | Nationwide | Fast Approvals | Flexible Financing Application-only financing up to $250,000 | Terms up to 72 months
New and used equipment of all types | A–C credits accepted

Kinetic Lease staff

Established in 2000, Kinetic Leasing is a general equipment financing company with offices in Fargo, North Dakota, and Marshall, Minnesota. We specialize in providing flexible, creative leasing solutions to middle-market businesses and municipalities.

Kinetic Leasing provides equipment financing for all types of customers and all types of equipment, both new and used.

  • Lease Portfolio by Type of Customer
    Lease Portfolio by Type of Customer
  • Lease Portfolio by Type of Equipment
    Lease Portfolio by Type of Equipment

Why Lease?

  • Mature, profitable companies lease equipment to keep bank credit lines open for other purposes.
  • Young, start-up companies lease to conserve cash.
  • Businesses requiring state-of-the-art technology lease to avoid out-of-date equipment and to preserve the ability to upgrade.

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Kinetic Leasing’s financial strength allows us to serve our customers with “big ticket” equipment financing for more than $50,000, such as:

  • Minnesota-based petroleum distributor:
    Oil and gas equipment ($4M)
  • South-Dakota site preparation contractor:
    Large crane ($3M)
  • Major League baseball team:
    Electronic scoreboard ($2.2M)
  • semi North Dakota trucking company:
    Trailers ($0.8M)
  • Midwestern athletic club:
    Fitness equipment ($0.5M)
  • Minnesota mental healthcare provider:
    Office furniture ($0.3M)
  • Manufacturer of airplane and missile components:
    Manufacturing equipment ($0.2M)

Kinetic Leasing also responds quickly to customer applications from all over the United States for “small ticket” equipment financing of less than $50,000.

  • Tea shop ($30,000)
    5-gallon kegs
  • Motel ($15,000)
    Walk-in cooler
  • Mental healthcare provider ($21,000)
  • Custom home furniture and supplies ($23,000)
    Video equipment
  • Minor league baseball team ($22,000)
    Baseball simulator
  • Quilting store ($15,000)
    Embroidery machine
  • Church ($20,000)
    Video equipment
  • Pizza restaurant ($17,000)
    Computer system
  • Supplier of industrial minerals ($23,000)
    Modular office building
  • Stone supplier ($23,000)
    Laser templating
  • Brewing company ($45,000)
    Brewing equiment
  • Resort manager ($50,000)
    Wood chipper

Kinetic Leasing also provides lease financing to the public sector, including county and city municipalities and school districts.

  • Brainerd, MN
    Handicap accessible school equipment ($0.4 M)
  • University of Wyoming
    Aircraft ($1.5 M)
  • Fargo, ND
    Various equipment for the Solid Waste Division ($2.5 M)
  • Moorhead, MN
    Improvements to school buildings ($0.6 M)
  • West, TX
    Modular classrooms to replace those damaged by fertilizer plant explosion ($3.2 M)
  • Rawlins, WY
    School buses ($0.4 M)
  • Pipestone, SD
    Fire truck ($0.8 M)
  • Fargo Park District
    Courts Plus Community Fitness Remodel ($3.1 M)

Kinetic Leasing partners with 250+ banks in 175+ cities in 14 states to provide their customers with equipment financing options.

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Kinetic Leasing also partners with vendors nationwide to provide their customers with unique equipment financing options.

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Examples of Funded Transactions

Equipment Amount Term Customer
Wheelchair-accesible bus $64,500 60 months School district
Dynapac compactor $42,900 48 months Home builder
Modular buildings $723,000 33 months Construction vendor
Quilting machine $41,500 60 months Quilt shop
Vale belt feeder $354,000 60 months Construction company
2019 Wilson PSDCL $44,000 48 months Meat processing company
Network equipment $460,000 60 months Hotel chain
Office furniture $48,000 48 months Tech company
Storage building $80,000 72 months Farmer
Pool dehumidifier $65,000 36 months Hotel
Computer tablets, etc. $72,500 36 months Tech company
1997 IT38G coupler $43,000 60 months Landscaper

7 Reasons to Choose Kinetic Leasing

Kinetic Leasing knows that there are a lot of options available for equipment financing. Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. We finance virtually any type of equipment, both new and used. We don’t focus on just one type of equipment or one industry sector. We are experienced in working with contractors, the agriculture industry, healthcare providers, the oil and gas industry, and more. We also work with big and small municipalities.
  2. We have financial strength and experience. We are one of the top 100 largest equipment finance companies in the U.S., and we have financed over $1 billion in our company’s history. With our 250+ bank partners, we have the financial resources to fund multi-million transactions.
  3. We’re way more flexible. We specialize in creative finance packages. If you have a seasonal income, for example, and need to skip payments, call us.
  4. We offer low—and no—cash down options. Smart businesses understand, “Lease what depreciates; buy what appreciates.” We offer many finance packages that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  5. We’ll turn around your application quickly. We’ll review your application quickly and call you back. No waiting around to hear back from a big bank. In most cases, we can provide you with an answer in one business day.
  6. We focus on one thing: equipment financing. We’re equipment financing specialists. We won’t try to sell you insurance or require you to open a checking account, just to do business with us.
  7. You will love working with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’re located in the friendly Midwest, and we have more than 16 years of experience in equipment financing. We’ll answer your questions and help you choose the finance product that best meets your needs.

All lease finance companies are not the same. Many companies may concentrate on certain types of equipment, industry sectors, equipment sizes, and lease types. Processes, including documentation, vary. Choose Kinetic Leasing—we have financial stability, lots of experience, and the best staff in the industry. (Yes, we’re biased.)