Vendor Program

$5,000–$5,000,000 | Nationwide | Fast Approvals | Flexible Financing Kinetic Leasing partners with vendors to provide their customers with equipment financing options.

  • Lease Portfolio by Type of Equipment
    Lease Portfolio by Type of Equipment
    Lease Portfolio by Type of Customer
    Lease Portfolio by Type of Customer
  • Kinetic Leasing offers a unique program tailored to vendors. No matter the industry, company size, or location, we listen to your needs and then partner with you to create a custom equipment financing program that helps you to:

    • Increase overall sales of products for your company
    • Increase commission levels to your sales team
    • Increase customer satisfaction by collaborating with a strong, ethical finance partner
    • Increase your employee service levels

    Vendors love working with Kinetic Leasing because “we get it done!”

    • There are no equipment restrictions
    • “A–C” credit window – strong to less than strong credits approved/funded
    • We offer competitive pricing/rates and flexible payment schedules
    • We offer strong finance products, including leases (business and municipal), EFAs (equipment finance agreements), and loans
    • FAST access to our team – There is no long wait for return calls to get vital questions answered
    • FAST approvals – Kinetic provides application-only approvals 2–4 hours from credit submission
    • FAST funding – Kinetic provides same-day funding by check, ACH, or wire
    • We serve customers nationwide
    • There is no cost to vendors and no application to join the program

    This is how your partnership with us works. Kinetic Leasing will:

    • Train your staff to recognize equipment financing opportunities
    • Provide marketing support, such as direct mail, newspaper, and point-of-purchase marketing materials (such as flyers) for you and your customers
    • Provide a link for your company’s internet site to Kinetic Leasing’s website for your customers to obtain instant financing quotes and an on-line credit application
    • Answer any questions you or your customers have related to equipment financing
    • Provide fast turnaround of approval and documentation on each finance transaction
    • Document and service the finance contracts throughout the term
    • Provide timely billing and collection of all finance payments and related sales/property taxes

Established in 2000, Kinetic Leasing is a Top 100 leasing company, and a Top 25 independent leasing company. We specialize in providing flexible, creative equipment financing solutions to middle-market businesses and municipalities. If you are interested in partnering with Kinetic Leasing, please contact us.

“I was quite impressed with your explanation of how leases work, and the different types of leases available in today’s marketplace. No one had really explained it to me before. I have leased numerous pieces of equipment in the past, and the rep from the leasing company always seemed rushed when I would talk with them. I would get the quick ‘it’s just a standard lease and this is your payment—what do you think?’ I was never very comfortable with leasing; I always thought I was getting the short end of the stick. After speaking with you, I felt much more comfortable. You made our transaction simple and easy, straightforward with no hidden fees that popped up last minute. I look forward to working with you for future needs as they arise.”
– Rick Reams, Board Member, American Association of Meat Processors and Owner, RJ’s Meats